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Sandramere Seed & Supply helps drive yields by pairing excellent services and customer support with our suite of products.

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  • Seed Treatment

    Seed Treatment

    LumiGEN seed treatment technology is built and rigorously tested specifically to protect Pioneer genetics. These products offer unique, proven recipes of insecticides and fungicides with multiple modes of action to defend against a broad spectrum of threats. Help your seeds start strong with LumiGEN seed treatment to maximize your return on investment in Pioneer genetics.

  • Biologicals


    Agricultural biologicals are becoming more popular as farmers look for additional tools to enhance plant growth and protect crops from pests. Biologicals are derived from natural materials and complement production agriculture systems in play today.

  • Crop Protection

    Crop Protection

    We offer a full line of proven, high quality products that protect your crops from yield-reducing threats, including weeds, disease, harmful insects, and fungi. We can create the ideal plan to fight off any of your crop challenges.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Seed Tender Use

    We have seed tenders for our customers’ use so they can spend less time waiting on seeds and more time planting acres.

  • Seed Delivery

    Seed Delivery

    Count on us to deliver seed however, wherever, and whenever you need it. We also stay flexible in delivery plans to accommodate any curveballs planting season may throw at you.

  • In-Season Crop Consulting

    In-Season Crop Consulting

    We customize a scouting schedule, from the time the seed is planted to maturity, that meets your needs. Our analysis of weed and insect pressures, water needs and disease and crop issues will help minimize yield loss and increase your overall profit. Our Certified Crop Advisors are walking your fields and using your economic thresholds to offer recommendations.

  • Soil Sampling

    Soil Sampling

    Using sound science and best practices to collect and analyze soil samples from your farm. Soil analysis reveals information critical to creating the most cost-effective nutrient program for your farm.

  • Nutrient Management Plans

    Nutrient Management Plans

    When it comes to long term profitability and maintaining high yield potential in the soil, nutrient management plans are vital. We use soil nutrient data, historic yield data and your goals to formulate a plan tailored to each field.

  • Field Plans | ROI Assessments

    Field Plans | ROI Assessments

    Planning is critical to success in any business. Using top-quality data, we can develop detailed product placement plans that help maximize the productivity of every square foot of your fields.

  • Yield Mapping

    Yield Mapping

    We’re experts at developing and maintaining detailed data on crop yield and characteristics that help you continuously improve production.


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